From North Berwick to Horseshoe Bay…..

Still pretty wild, especially along the cliff tops but at least for the most part it is dry. We park up along the front of East Beach at North Berwick.

And walk eastwards along this magnificent beach, Poppydog on the lead for a while as inspire of her wind there are a few people wandering along the beach.

At the end of the beach we followed the path up onto the cliff tops briefly before we made our way down back to the next beach along – the Leithies.

A lovely sandy area with rugged rocky outcrops.

From here we could walk along the rocky shore for a mile or so until we reached Horseshoe Bay.

A beautiful stretch of yellow sandy shore with breathtaking views of Bass Rock.

Some of the rock pools were very deep, iindeed had it been a bit warmer I might have been tempted to give this natural ‘hot tub’ a whirl!

Well this will do us nicely, especially as it is relatively sheltered and there is the odd bit of sunshine for us to enjoy.

How stunning…

A fab 5 mile walk – bracing!

A walk along Longniddry Bents…..

A rather cloudy and very windy day today. As we needed to pop into a retail park in Edinburgh later, we decided to take a look at Longniddry Bents. Now the tides are a little against us at the moment and were fairly fully in but as we got down to the beach, we were pleased to find a long strip of soft sand.

The wind was blowing straight down the beach and was pretty fierce not that it stopped Poppydog from dashing into the waves.

At the end of the beach we were separated from Seton Sands by a stream crossing the beach.

Poppydog is quite fascinated with rolling around and hiding in the marram grass.

In the meantime the sky and sea is looking pretty angry, perhaps it is time for us to head back.

Two thoughts of the day:

A new phone and a new Dyson- guess which one I will be playing with first!

Uploading photos for this blog is a bit of a chore at the moment as the signal strength is almost non existent at this site.