A trip down memory lane in Newark….

Wet and cold through the night and well into the morning but a dry afternoon, well long enough for us to take our walk which is indeed all we ask for!

Parking down by the riverside, we are rather shocked to see how high the river is and in fact the riverside walk I had planned was not going to happen without armbands!

Walking towards the town the castle stands proud dominating the riverside.

From here we wandered into and around the town, I used to live here (well a village nearby) some 25 years ago, so am curious to see what has changed.

Well the market square is still the same, though I notice that Marks & Spencer’s has gone and in fact many of the shops look a bit run down. Ah well nothing stays the same – I was curious, we’ve been, curiosity satisfied!

Moving south and inland to Cromwell near Newark…..

A lovely sunny day, cold but last nights frost had cleared by the morning, a good day for travel. It looks like again we dodged the heavy rain experienced in South Yorkshire and there was much evidence with water logged fields either side of the A1 as we had an easy journey (our longest towing at 113 miles!) being dual carriageway pretty much all the way. We were soon set up in the sunshine at our new home for the next 5 nights.

Over looking a fishing lake it is very tranquil here provided you can block out the low rumble of continuous traffic on the nearby A1! A walk around the lakes and village did us for the day.