Back to Chapel six Marshes for a run around….

A pretty wild night keeping us more awake than we would like but followed by a reasonably sunny day – still a bit breezy but sunny. We decided to pop back to Chapel six Marshes for a proper look at the Wind or Sound Tower.

Now the inside is supposed to tilt to line the viewing windows to line up – well it didn’t tilt but they did line up!

And wow what a lovely view to the north (above), straight ahead….

And to the south….

It is also supposed to attract the wind and create sounds – well it didn’t do that either! Maybe the wind is blowing in the wrong direction? Shame as it is a fascinating structure. Still whilst we are here we might as well venture down onto the beach, as it is surprisingly quiet, for some exercise.

Poppydog was soon tearing around alternately chasing tennis balls or gulls, whichever catch her eye.

We didn’t walk far as we have done this stretch before, just enjoyed our little patch of quietness.

Until a dirty great black cloud came along to ruin our fun and cut short our stay – we just made it back to the car in time for it to start lashing down.

Back on site only a few miles down the coast not the merest hint of any rain!! I love how the weather is so incredibly localised, along the coast and how you can often see it coming, even if you can’t always get out of its way!!

A walk along the beach to Skegness….

A grey day, chilly but dry though we have no plans to venture far. I am still trying to get caught up on this blog as I missed quite a lot of posts at the end of last years travels and beginning of this – I’d also be quite interested to know just how many beaches we have seen up to now? Will let you know when I do. So we opted for a walk along the promenade to Skegness and back along the beach (the tide is just turning).

Today the pier was open (it might be a weekend thing though it does appear that one by one things are opening up for the season ahead) so we wandered along it to get a look at the Central Beach above and North Shore below….

We made our way back along the beach, though Poppydog was stuck on her lead as there were plenty of others about and not enough beach to keep our distance. She can be such a menace if she thinks others are having more fun than her!

A fine afternoon walk, now back to work!

Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Humberston and Humberston Fitties – what a day!….

Cold but pretty bright and sunny mist of the day. After a rather long and somewhat tedious drive (why are there so many right angle bends on the Lincolnshire roads?) we arrived in Cleethorpes and parked up along the promenade. It was quite pleasant (and busy) walking along the promenade in the (almost) warm sunshine, north towards the pier.

Looking towards the south along South Beach.The tide is high but still a nice beach with some fine sand at the top remains. This is Central Beach.

Beyond the pier is North Beach.

Continuing along the promenade beyond the end of the town which incidentally all looks clean and freshly painted (along the front that is), some ongoing as they prepare for the season ahead. The promenade continues along to Grimsby over a stretch of wasteland, you really do feel that you are entering a different place, ahead a small bit of beach, bearing in mind that the tide is high but also that we are now on the Humber Estuary.

The beach was hosting a party for one, surrounded by wasteland and industrial units, we decided to give it a miss and return to the civilisation of Cleethorpes.

Back along the promenade we walked to the far South Beach.

And beyond where the beach turns to the marshland of Cleethorpes Nature Reserve.

There is a footpath running along the back of this Reserve, but as the sun is getting lower in the sky, we hopped back into the car and drove the short distance to Humberston. Finding a free car park in the middle of a number of holiday parks was a bit of a bonus and a short footpath takes us to Humberston Beach.

What a delightful sandy beach. Still the best was yet to come as we followed the footpath south along a section where the sandy beach was almost completely covered by the tide, though plenty of sandbanks are still exposed.

And here we arrive at Humberston Fitties Beach – what a little treasure…

Quite beautiful with lovely soft white sand.

A real find, though probably a little crowded during the summer months a definite must for a lovely sunny walk like today.

Further south you can see the marshlands of Tetney Haven, these marshlands cover much of the next 14 miles of coastline down to Theddlethorpe where we walked to yesterday.

Walking from Mablethorpe to Theddlethorpe St Helen….

A grey day and a rather bitterly cold wind but we will survive! Today we head for Mablethorpe that is just north of the town, parking in the street that runs behind the sea bank and the beach. Finding a footpath over the sea bank and coming out onto the beach by the last little row of colourful beach huts.

We are walking northwards away from Mablethorpe, beyond the ‘manicured’ bit of the north beach.

There is absolutely no one in sight as we pass the North End Beach Car Park.

Pausing to seek out another of the Structures on the Edge – ‘Jabba’ hidden in the dunes.

If I may be so bold as to express an opinion – why are these installations not being better maintained and acclaimed? It’s almost as though it was a great idea but now no one can be bothered to look after them or indeed tell any one about them! Shame. This is North End Beach and is really beginning to feel like we are heading beyond civilisation!

With just the odd seagull at the waters edge this wide expanse of wind swept sand backed by increasingly more rugged dunes is just fabulously bleak (though to be fair I think the cold wind is helping set the scene!).

Then in the distance, an object we have been watching for a while becomes apparent – it is a Time and Tide Bell….

We’ve seen a couple of these before….

In Cemaes Bay, Anglesey on a much nicer day – 28th Sep 2018, also in Aberdyfi, Morecambe and Appledore. The bell sounds at high tide and they are the work of Marcus Vergette and intended to celebrate the connection between land and sea – there are currently 7 in the UK with two more planned – we shall keep an eye out. Beyond lies the wild salt marshes and sands of Theddlethorpe St Helens.

We walked on a little further but the cold is getting to us now and shortly ahead the beach is marked on my map as a Danger Zone (I think because of mudflats and hidden marshes) so it is time to head back.

A bracing but interesting 6 mile walk.

Just a stroll along the front for us….

A dry and bright morning with a little more cloud in the afternoon but hey the wind has dropped! In fact the offshore wind farm is struggling to muster the energy to move and I guess struggling to generate enough energy to make a cup of tea!!

Poppydog is a bit under the weather today, not sure why maybe too much ‘off roading’ or too much sand? Any how we are going to take it easy today (I am certainly not opposed to the odd ‘day of rest’) and just take a stroll along the promenade.

And gaze out to sea as we walk – perfect.