A bit blowy on South Sands in Bridlington….

Well at last, with Storm Dennis raging outside, a long overdue return to this blog, my excuse – well just blogged out I guess! I shall endeavour to catch up the missed blogs over the coming weeks and they will be back dated to reflect the actual dates.

However, today has been pretty much as awful as forecast, though having just watched the news, I again appear to be quite jammy, just sitting above the tranch of horrendous rain that is causing such devastation elsewhere. We opted for a shortish walk along the South Sands of Bridlington.

South Sands looking towards Bridlington
Looking south away from the town

A lovely long stretch of sand but open to the full force of the wind, such that walking away from the town, almost due south west was nigh on impossible!! Unsurprisingly away from the town the beach was deserted so Poppydog was able ‘run free’….

Born to run free…

As well as being lovely to see it means that I don’t have to walk so far, a bit of a bonus especially today as not only is it tough going but there is a fair bit of sand in the air getting in your face and eyes! So after an exhilarating hour or so we were quite happy to call it a day and return to our cozy little den.

Thought of the day…

Surprisingly the site has filled up during the afternoon, I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to tow today!

South Landing Beach and a walk along the cliffs….

At the risk of getting boring, another grey and windy day for us. still at least we are not experiencing the horrendous rain and flooding in other parts of Yorkshire. We parked up in Flamborough (the village) and followed the signs down to South Landing beach – what an absolute delight…

Past the Lifeboat Station tucked away in the corner this sheltered cove opened out to become a mostly sandy bay, backed by white pebbles and chalky cliffs leading around to Flamborough Head.

We had the beach to ourselves and Poppydog was more than happy to fly around the beach, yelping and chasing seabirds.

Luckily for us a huge storm cloud passed over the top but very kindly waited until it was over the sea before lightening its load.

After a good runaround we took the footpath up a series of steps onto the cliff tops, looking back down onto the beach and then followed the path southwards for a while.

It was a bit bleak, cold and windy up here, though the views along to Dene’s Dyke and beyond to Bridlington were worth it.

Oh yes and how wonderful does the sea look?

It was quite a relief to head inland towards Flamborough and back to the car just to get out of this chilly wind.

A bit of a scramble to see Gristhorpe Sands….

A grey and cold start to the day, though it did remain cold the sun and blue skies made an appearance in the afternoon. We set off today to find Gristhorpe Sands, overlooked by a series of holiday parks we ended up parking down in the village a good mile or so away. A pleasant enough walk back up through the lanes to the cliff tops and then a meander through one of the parks to gain access to the coastal path.

Down below us a a part rocky and part sandy beach with Scarborough sparkling white in the distance.

We couldn’t find any obvious way down to the beach and the ground looks very wet and unstable with clear evidence of earlier land slips, so we decided to air on the side of caution and just content ourselves with a walk along the coastal path, before cutting back through a different holiday park to make our way back down to the car.

You do wonder if when the holiday parks are in peak season how many people make their way down to the beach or do they just hop in their cars and head to Cayton or Scarborough?

A sunny afternoon on Scarborough North Beach….

A much nicer day today, still cold but with plenty of blue skies for us to enjoy. Today we are heading back to Scarborough but this time to explore the North Beach.

The castle ruins are perched up on The Holms Headland that separates North from South and would, in days gone by, have been able to keep an eye on the whole town. North Beach is a wide expanse of low tide sand (there is little evidence to show that any beach would be left at high tide.

We walked along the beach, admiring the fine row of colourful beach huts towards the far end.

At the far end of the beach at the little village of Scalby Mills we took the footbridge across Scalby Beck and took the coastal path up The Nab.

It was pretty exposed and windy up on the Nab, but we persevered up and over to take a look at Scalby Ness Sands, a pair of crescent shaped sandy bays a little further along.

Access to the beach looked to be a bit of a scramble with no clear obvious pathway, so again we decided against it and contented ourselves with a blast along the coastal path until eventually the wind beat us to submission and we retreated the way we came.

Walking back in part along the promenade we came across this sculpture of Freddy Gilroy, a local man who fought during the second WW and is commemorated here as a reminder to all of those who fought and didn’t make it back and those who died and the few who survived time in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp, the liberation and subsequent ‘clear up’ of which Freddy was tasked. Here’s to ‘Freddy Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers’….

Storm Dennis arrives in Bridlington…..

Well we certainly got a fair battering overnight and well into the day, with some pretty heavy rain at times.

So we mostly stayed inside and watched it!

Though later in the afternoon the wind seemed to ease a little and the rain left us so we set off for a shortish walk along the coastal path into Bridlington. As we walked along the promenade above the North Beach it didn’t look too bad….

Then as we got into the centre of town the waves were crashing into the sea wall with a fair amount of force.

We carried on to the harbour, where the sea walls seemed to be doing their thing.

Keeping the boats moored inside on a relatively even keel!

I think we are probably in for another battering tonight, still there is something quite appealing about lying all warm and cozy in bed listening to a storm raging outside – probably just as well!