in the Vale of Glamorgan

  1. Penarth – Shingley beach at high tide with some sand exposed at low tide, nice promenade walk along top with a few cafes and shops.img_3199
  2. Lavernock Cove – Stoney with sand at low tide, no facilities, space for a couple of cars at the church or hedged walk to Penarth.img_3197
  3. Jackson’s Bay, Barry – little sand gem of a cove at southern end of Barry by Port, dog friendly, parking in surrounding residential area and seasonal cafe.  Dog friendly.img_3227
  4. Whitmore Bay – main  beach in Barry, sandy cove with amusements etc up above, beach carefully maintained, large car park close by.  Seasonal dog ban.img_3222-1
  5. Watch House Bay, Barry – sandy beach at low tide, runs to mud as you go into harbour.  Facilities and large car park.  Dog friendly.img_3219
  6. The Knapp Beach, Barry – mostly stony beach with more sandy patches exposed at low tide.  Car park running along back with cafe – more facilities in town.  Dog friendly.img_3216
  7. Porthkerry Beach – mostly stony with sandy patches exposed at low tide, runs alongside the country park (nearest parking and facilities in park) – access to Knapp beach and Barry along beach at lowish tide.  Dog friendly.img_3217
  8. Watch House Beach – mostly stone beach but with a nice sandy island in the middle, surrounded by freshwater ponds.  No facilities and dog friendly.img_3137
  9. Leys Beach – stoney beach alongside power station, few sandy bits along groins.  No facilties and dog friendly.img_3131
  10. Limpert Bay – next to power station so far from pretty and mostly stony.  Free parking but no other facilities.img_3141
  11. Llantwit Major