A trip to St Ives….

Well at least it has stopped raining and in fact we even saw a bit of sunshine. A different sort of day for us today as we are off to St Ives to meet up with friends. It was a bit busier than I expected and the main car park was already full so up to the Rugby Club for us it was – still a bit cheaper up there at £6 for the day (still daylight robbery in my opinion!).

The town itself was way to busy with the main shopping lane thronging with people (why are they not at work / school / college?) so we gave that I wide berth, instead heading along the harbour wall looking across at the town, the tide was still quite high at this stage.

We wandered round to Porthmeor Beach and beyond – surfers paradise with hundreds of little black ants out there bobbing on the waves.

After a very pleasant lunch sat on the Harbour beach in the sunshine we walked along to Porthminster Beach, this was less crowded and Poppydog could at least have a run around and dunk in the sea – though too many footballs on the beach to allow her any serious freedom alas.

Across the water Godrevy Lighthouse always appears to be glittering in the sunshine, starkly white against the black rock on which it is perched.

A final walk back along the harbour front, mainly to pay a visit to the cute old fashioned bakery at the far end for goodies for later, before the long haul back up to our cars.

A lovely day spent with friends and at least 6 miles walked.

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