From Newlyn to Penzer Point….

A mostly grey day today and becoming increasingly windy though importantly, remaining dry.

Provisions are required, so a quick trip into Penzance first and then we followed the road around Newlyn to find a convenient spot to park up in a lay-by on the coastal road. After an initial attempt to use the concrete path just above the rocks failed as it has been washed away in parts and is no longer passable we rejoined the footpath which runs along the road above the shoreline, affording glimpses across Mounts Bay.

Shortly we passed the former Penlee Lifeboat Station and it’s memorial garden, standing proud as a memorial to the Lifeboat Solomon Browne and all its crew who were lost in outrageous seas on 19th Dec 1981 attempting to rescue the crew and passengers of the Union Star. The lifeboat crew had successfully rescued 4 people before both boats, the lifeboat crew (8) and remaining 8 crew and passengers of the Union Star were lost. The current Penlee Lifeboat is located in the safety of Newlyn Harbour.

Rooftop of Penlee Lifeboat Station

About half a mile later we arrive in Mousehole a pretty cluster of cottages running down a valley and around the infamous harbour (the Christmas Lights display draws people from all over).

Mousehole Harbour

Wandering through the narrow cluttered streets of white washed cottages the coastal path steeply works its way back up onto the cliff tops giving the occasional glimpse back down onto the harbour.

At the top of the hill the path narrows and is enclosed either side by hedgerow which though providing welcome relief from the increasing breeze, unfortunately makes for a bit of a dull walk.

Unsurprisingly we didn’t meet many other walkers and after a mile or so we chose Penzer Point and it’s gap in the hedgerow to be our half way marker and set off back the way we came.

Only about 5 miles today but enough.

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