Back to Nanjizal and along the coast to Porthgwarra….

Some cloud around but still plenty of sunshine. Today we have a little gap in our journey along the coastal path to fill, so we ventured off in the van and found a handy lay-by on the Porthgwarra road. There is actually a good sized car park down in Porthgwarra but the access road is long and very narrow and I decided not to risk it in the van. Quite by chance I had ended up parking right by the entrance to the footpath which took us over farmland and eventually down to Nanjizal – ideal.

Nanjizal or Mill Bay

We then clambered up the steps to the top of the cliff heading south. The higher we got the more stunning this bay looked with a fabulous white sand bank visible and in some places just breaking the low tide. the white buildings at Land’s End just visible on the skyline.

Once we had got our breath back the path levelled out following the rock strewn cliff tops for a couple of miles. The sun was shining and the sea our turquoise ever present companion – all is well.

Life is good

Soon in the distance we could see the Lookout Station on Gwennap Head, tucked away beyond which, according to Mr OS (Ordnance Survey App), sits Porthgwarra.

Stony inaccessible Porth Loe

We rounded the headland passing the two way marks (navigational) wandering how fab it would be to walk this walk when the heather is in bloom – when is that?

The path here becomes quite narrow and steep as we gradually wended our way down into Porthgwarra – with a little sneak preview over the cliff edge….

Oh my word, what a fabulous little cove – the only thing is you want it all to yourself, well I do anyway!

How fab is this little archway as an alternative access to the beach, probably safer too as the slip was very steep.

As well as the car park there is a decent little cafe garden, though I chose to enjoy my pasty on the beach whilst Poppydog had her daily wallow.

To think I was in two minds whether to come here – what an absolute gem and beauty of a 6 mile circular walk.

PS although the walk back up to the van was long and steep and we had to keep squidging up to the hedge to let cars past, I’m glad I didn’t take the van right down. It is doable but I don’t want to scratch my lovely new paintwork!

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