From Higher Tregiffian to Nanjulian….

From where to where you ask? Ok so from the campsite to a little spot a few miles up the coast. We don’t leave the site until early afternoon as it keeps on spotting with rain but as it appears to be brightening up, we decide to complete the section of coastal path from Gwynver northwards to Porth Nanven (Dinosaur Eggs Beach).

Firstly we wander across the fields and down the steps to Gwynver Beach which is surprisingly busy with surfers (all I can say is they must be mad keen to lumber their boards all the way down and of course back up again to this fab beach).

It is too busy for Poppydog to ‘off road’ but she does still get the chance for a runaround and essentially a splash about in a rock pool….

At the north end of the beach we pick up the coastal path which ambles along just above the shoreline over rocks and through heather strewn grassland. I would imagine this is an even prettier walk during the early summer and sprinkled with wild flowers.

The sun occasionally pops out to join us and we meet the odd walker but mostly we have the rough path to our selves.

In the distance we can see Cape Cornwall and decide to cut inland from the next valley rather than continue all the way to Porth Nanven as we certainly seem to have arrived at Dinosaur egg country!!

Maen Dower

At the bottom of the valley is a nice stream for Poppydog to wallow in for a bit and then we sat just above the shoreline just enjoying the sun for a while, before venturing up the valley to Nanjulian.

Our journey home took us through the tiny hamlet of Nanjulian, past the little airstrip of Land’s End Airport and finally over farmland to site – a nice 6.5 mile circular walk.

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