A fabulous afternoon on Cape Cornwall…..

A lovely sunny day and dare I say it, as the wind seems to have quietened down – warm!

We drove a few miles up the coast, through St Just to the NT car park at Cape Cornwall and wow what a fab view – pity there is no overnight camping allowed….

Definitely a room with a view….

Firstly we wandered up to the top….

The Heinz Monument (1864) created by the siting of the former Cape Cornwall mine chimney

With absolutely breathtaking views towards Land’s End, to the north and straight out to sea….

Shimmering seas towards Land’s End
Cool blue seas towards St Ives
Over the lookout station to….?

I could quite happily have sat up here and gazed out to sea all afternoon but Poppydog had other ideas so we wandered back down to take a closer look at the ruins of the medieval St Helen’s Chapel believed to have replaced the former 6th C church

Poppydog taking centre stage as per….

Room with a view

We continued our walk southwards past the stony beach of Priest’s Cove…..

And up a steep incline onto Cairn Gloose with stunning views back to Cape Cornwall.

Here there was a welcome flat cliff top walk for a bit before the footpath took us down to Porth Nanven.

A very stony beach, also sometimes referred to as Dinosaurs Egg Beach because of the unusual ovoid shape of the rocks.

Too rocky for Poppydog to have a runaround safely

Unfortunately, even though she is quite nimble, I decided that it wouldn’t be wise to let Poppydog have a runabout. Though we did clamber along the beach a bit and found concrete pipe covering running along the back of the beach enabling us to sit in the sun whilst we watched a couple of seals swimming off the nearby rocks.

Not a long walk but a good opportunity to stretch those leg muscles and get the heart rate up!

On the way back we were entranced by a display of pools of liquid gold dancing across the sea…


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