A stormy day down on Sennen…..

Well after a beautifully clear night, several shooting stars (yep we made a wish) and a clear sight of Mars (only knew this coz I saw it on FB) – this morning we couldn’t see a thing – we were completely shrouded in wet mizzly sea mist.

The mist lifted about lunchtime and even though there were some pretty heavy showers and a strong wind swirling around, we took the chance and headed off along the coastal path to Sennen.

The footpath took us through the Escalls Green Valley a lovely wild valley covered in marram grass and criss crossed with footpaths (a dog walkers paradise) and home to these pretty little cottages (fab place to stay though sadly all holiday cottages now)…

At the bottom of the valley we joined Whitesand Bay aka Sennen Cove beach – an absolute beauty even on a stormy day with the tide almost high…

Though there were quite a few people wandering along the main part of the beach, nearer Sennen Cove, this far end was pretty much deserted and so Poppydog could enjoy her freedom.

As for me – well just happy to throw a ball and enjoy the wind, crashing waves and the view….

As I had dried out from our earlier soaking, I decided that we would back up the valley and back to site before the next shower came along.

We shall return another day when the tide is further out and maybe the sun shining?

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