A trip into Penzance and Newlyn….

Having prided myself in streamlining my list of essentials and expertly packing our new abode in record time, last night I discovered that I had left one of those essentials at home – my phone charger! Not just any of those essentials either, probably ranking as number 4 behind car keys, debit card and phone (assuming of course that Poppydog is just an extension of myself so not going to be forgotten no matter how hard I try!).

A sign of the times maybe but for phone read camera, map, sat nav, tv aerial Aligner, spirit level, internet, weather forecast, places of interest guide – need I go on? So essentially after approximately 24 hours the phone charger becomes a life changing bit of kit and so it was that after our morning ablutions we headed back to Sainsbury’s in Penzance to restore world peace as soon as possible.

£15 and a rather snazzy coral coloured cable later we found parking (free) in Penzance and wandered down onto the promenade and beach for a bit of R&R.

The tide is pretty much fully in so most of the normally sandy beach is covered but we were able to find a quiet pebbly section for Poppydog to express herself…

Tucked away from the wind by the sea wall it was deliciously warm and with Poppydog content chasing her ball in and out of the shallows we are now two happy bunnies….

After a short while we rejoined the promenade and heading away from Penzance wandered into Newlyn. I can never quite make up my mind about Newlyn – is it a pretty little cozy fishing village? Or is it a mix of second homes and run down little terraces?

Not sure but anyhow the harbour still looks to be thriving…..

We continued along the footpath heading towards Mousehole, looking in fact for the old Penlee Lifeboat Station but in fact turned back just before reaching it (not having remembered how far along it is) and giving Poppydog a run around on the stony beach outside Newlyn Harbour.

Newlyn Beach

We retraced our steps to the van and headed back to site.

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