And we’re off again…. down to Sennen…..

At last the weather is on the mend, so without further ado we are packed up and on the road by 11. A quick stop at Sainsbury’s for provisions and fuel and we are soon enjoying the sun glittering on the sea across Mounts Bay. I had planned to park up at Marazion and take a walk along the beach but some do-gooding council has decided to pedestrianise the seafront where a nice strip of free parking was once available and you know how I hate paying for parking!

We arrived promptly at Sennen Cove CCC Site about a mile and a half shy of Sennen, near Land’s End Airport and were soon shown to our pitch with distant sea views.

After a slick (oh yes) set up we followed the footpath from site for about a mile until another short path led us from the cliff top to some steep steps down the Gwynver Beach…

What a stunning beach – beautiful chunky (like granulated sugar) cream sand leading into a turbulent white edged turquoise sea…

Though not by any means busy the beach was a bit small to let Poppydog have complete freedom but she can still have fun on her lead….

It really was quite beautiful and with the sun shining I really can’t think of a better way or place to spend an afternoon!

Oh yes and from here we could keep a beady eye on Longships Lighthouse…..

At low tides it is possible to walk from here along the beach to Sennen Cove which maybe we shall do one of these fine days. For now though it was time to climb up those stony stairs and return to site along the coastal path….

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