A big decision made….

With plenty of time to think during lockdown, spurred on by plenty of drives (and walks) along the country lanes down here in Cornwall, I have basically lost the nerve to continue towing! It has been coming for awhile and was part of the reason I stopped heading north at Glasgow, heading east instead to Edinburgh and continuing my travels back down south until being forced to make the epic (420 mile) journey towing all the way from Sandringham in Norfolk to home on the Lizard.

I am going to sell the car and caravan and buy a Camper – yes I really do believe we can live in the small space provided by a Camper, as each year on our return I have duly unpacked stuff that hasn’t actually seen the light of day on our travels.

My journey is evolving also, as at the outset I idealistically imagined ambling in a clockwise direction all the way around the coast of Britain. Whereas, in reality, I have broken my journey at various times (and places) to return home, visit my dad (my biggest fan) and attend family / friend events, as is real life.

So I feel confident that I no longer need to try and pack my whole life into the van as I will be back sooner or later! The fear of hitching and towing has never really left me and always results in a sleepless night and a very anxious journey. Also leaving the caravan in random places whilst I make these trips has not always been easy or cheap to organise.

So from here on forward I shall be living as a snail taking the essentials of life with me wherever I travel!

Freedombird Mark 3……

3 thoughts on “A big decision made….

  1. Best of luck with your Mark 3 Adventure!
    You are absolutely right – you can manage with so much less than you think and I love the lightness of being that comes from having few possessions.
    Mark and I tour with fewer than 10kg of clothes each and still have things that we don’t wear!


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