From the Devil’s Frying Pan to Church Cove….

A cracking hot and sunny summers day for us. We parked up in our secret lay-by at the top of Cadgwith and wandered through the lanes to join the coastal path at the Devil’s Frying Pan taking a quick look down at the tempting turquoise waters before heading south towards the Lizard.

This stretch of the coastal path is quite narrow following the cliff tops with stunning sea views all the while.

Soon we were looking down on Polgwidden, a stony cove with a small stone arch. Not accessible as far as I am aware although there did appear to be a rope at the bottom.

A lovely vista ahead with the Lifeboat Station and in the far distance Lloyd’s Signal station (our intended destination) perched on the distant headland.

Oh and we got seagull bombed!

Poppydog has been happily trotting ahead using the full length of her lead when I heard the distinctive sloshing sound indicating that she has found water…. or so I thought….

Yes indeed water of the incredibly muddy variety!!!

Lovely and cool now!!!

I’m not too concerned as I know we can get down to the sea just ahead in Church Cove.

As access to the sea here is via a steep concrete slip (from when the Lifeboat was stationed here) it is quite often deserted, not so today unfortunately so Poppydog has to stay on the lead but can still enjoy a splash around in the sea and a well needed clean up!

It really is very hot this afternoon so we decided not to continue but to sit and enjoy this lovely little cove for awhile.

Before heading back the way we came.

Only just over 3 miles but enough in this heat!

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