From Treleaver to Lankidden….

As the summer holidays liven up, the hunt is on to find a cheeky little cove to hide away on. Easier said than done of course as everyone else is trying to do the same thing! Today we thought we would give Downas Cove another whirl, oh yes and continue on to take a closer look at Lankidden.

It is such a lovely hot sunny day and with low tide due at 12.30 we make our way over to Arrowan (as close as you can get to Lankidden by car) just before 12. We are of course too late to park up in any of the few roadside spaces and so head back Treleaver where we parked last time and nabbed the last spot. As before a short albeit steep down and up takes us across the heather covered Beagles Point….

And the steep climb down Downas Valley to the cove.

Unfortunately a few families were there before us and though by no means busy it is not quite the little secret haven I had in mind…

Still it is such a glorious hot sunny afternoon we were inclined to stay awhile….

As the tide was starting to come in and indeed it did come in quickly here, we successfully negotiated the rock pool (where we came unstuck last time) and rejoined the coastal path.

This time though we continued along to take a look at Lankidden….

Here the tide is already well in and knowing that the final ascent is via a rope, we decided against venturing down, instead continuing our walk inland through the quiet single track lanes back to the car – a very enjoyable 5.5 mile circuit.

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