Along Predannack Downs to Kynance….

Another of those days that matured into a lovely sunny afternoon and evening. Today we returned to the NT car park at Higher Predannack and upon joining the coastal path we headed south towards Kynance.

Here too the coastal path runs through flower strewn meadows, mostly away from the cliff edge and with nobody about there was plenty of opportunity for Poppydog to run about freely.

The sea looks more peaceful today with an endless mix of blues and greens, blending into a clear blue sky and glittering under the sun. The odd yacht bobbing under full sail in the distance being the only reminder that we are not totally alone enjoying this beautiful afternoon,

After a while we arrive at Soapy Cove, still quite stony as the tide is high and though we would have both welcomed a paddle, I can’t find a safe route down or leastways one that we would be able to clamber our way back up.

Instead Poppydog has to make do with a wallow and drink in the stream that feeds its way down into the cove – she is never happier than when she is having a good wallow!

Soon we have our first breathtaking view of Kynance and the Lizard beyond.

Nearer and the thin strip of white sand appearing between the rocks as the tide recedes looks almost hand painted and surrounded by turquoise seas, quite unlike any seascape you would expect to see in the UK – again I am reminded of the natural beauty of our coastline. Above the cove the car park glittering with many many cars an indicator of just how many people will be clamouring to get down onto the beach as more sand appears and a very good reason for us to turn back!

We return via an inland path across the downs not encountering a soul.

Unless of course you count this little chap peering out of the shady hedgerow at us! Fortunately he and his companions are only curious enough to watch us pass by without the need to get any closer!

How amazing to walk these beautiful coastal downs a mere couple of miles from where we live!

2 thoughts on “Along Predannack Downs to Kynance….

  1. Hi Clare how I envy you as l ‘read your travel log.Never mind it looks like being a lovely day here so I will do the next best thing and enjoy my SelfI in the garden. Love you Auntie Joan .


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