A walk along Higher Predannack Cliff….

One of those fantastic days that start off grey and gloomy and then almost like switching on a light, the sun comes out and it just glorious. Inspired by our long inland walk around Predannack airfield yesterday, we decided to walk along the coastal path from the little NT car park at Higher Predannack Wollas.

After a short walk we reached the coastal path – this landscape is just so breathtaking, rugged cliffs, turquoise sea with waves capped in white as they crash against the rocks and the endless green cliff tops are sprinkled with multicoloured flowers…

Heading north towards Mullion we enter a flower strewn valley which appears to be Poppydog safe and so she’s off…. straight into the little stream running through the valley….

After a good wallow we carried on up the other side of the valley and here the wide grassy top provides a perfect Poppydog play ground….

And for me, well totally mesmerised by the carpet of flowers and so much sea…

There were very few other walkers around – they are so missing out! Soon we were looking down on this delightful sandy cove….

I can’t find a name for it and it didn’t look accessible but it did look inviting.

Just around the corner is Mullion Cove – the tide is too high for the sand to be exposed beyond the rocky shoreline, this beach is accessed via a tunnel from the harbour but again only at low tide – I guess we’ll have to come back!!

We completed our walk slightly inland along the downs that stretch from Mullion to Kynance with only a few distant grazing cattle for company – perfect.

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