An unexpected find at Beagles Point….

Where to go on this beautiful sunny Saturday and avoid the crowds? In the end we headed over towards St Keverne, taking a right at Zoar Garage as we thought we would give Lankidden (a delightful sandy cove just beyond Kennack which is usually quiet as accessibility is tough, unless accessed from the sea!) a go.

However we missed the turning (it is all single track lanes here with few opportunities to turn around) and ended up at the tiny hamlet of Treleaver. Here there was parking for maybe half a dozen cars and a farm track leading down to the coastal path, just north of Beagles Point. With breathtaking views across turquoise calm seas looking towards Bass Point (the Lizard).

Still roughly aiming for Lankidden, we followed the path southwards down a steep craggy valley, across a little footbridge and back up the other side onto Baggy Point. The valley provides a safe area for Poppydog to have a bit of off lead time and a good rummage through the undergrowth. Either side of the path is strewn with pretty wildflowers and heathers in all shades of pinks and purples. The sheer ruggedness adds its own beauty to this landscape, all the better for not being able to see another sole.

Beyond Beagles Point a couple of sandy coves separated by a large rocky outcrop, come into view….

The footpath begins a steep descent down to the coves and we are able to scramble across the rocks only to find a wide band of water still separates us from the lovely white sandy on Downas Cove.

It doesn’t deter Poppydog who is soon swimming round and round, cooling down in this pool. Not to be left out, I remove my boots and socks and attempt to wade across. I say attempt as it is quite deep – a metre or so at its deepest. All was good until I put my foot on a cleverly disguised weed covered rock and then whoosh – I am practically up to my neck in the pool and sat on the sandy bottom!!!

Ah well, I needed to cool down… However as I am now soaked through (walking boots and all) any idea of continuing our walk is out of the question – guess we’ll have to make do with enjoying this little cove all to ourselves for a while longer as I try to drip dry a bit!!

One thought on “An unexpected find at Beagles Point….

  1. I fell into a river not ten minutes from the car park on a Gorge Walking adventure. The instructor gave me a withering look and I had to squelch along at the back in wet boots.
    Luckily, I had dried out by lunchtime, although I then tripped and fell face first into another river…
    Some mothers do ‘ave ’em, eh?!


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