Phase 3 – back on the road again from home!….

Well we have made the decision to stay put for a while for several reasons…

  1. We live in a beautiful part of the world
  2. Though we have explored this area quite a bit, there are still plenty of chunks of the coastal path and I’m sure the odd beach on the way that we haven’t visited
  3. It isn’t necessary for us to take up valuable space on a Cornish campsite to explore
  4. This is not over yet so why make things more risky than we have to?
  5. We are still living our dream….
  • However, our master plan (for the moment) is to cover the coast from Falmouth around to Penzance (ish) from here, a distance of some 61 miles along the coastal path. Then, in September, we plan to complete the rest of Cornwall, from Penzance to St Agnes (where we set off from, back in October 17) and from Falmouth along the south coast to Plymouth.
  • This stage of our journey will be a bit sporadic, so please don’t expect a perfect geographical circuit from Falmouth to Penzance, or a daily blog, as we will meander about a bit depending on our mood, the weather, the tides and dodging hotspots to avoid visiting crowds. Let’s see how we get on….
  • 5 thoughts on “Phase 3 – back on the road again from home!….

    1. That picture is so beautiful. šŸ™‚
      Have just finished watching The Salt Path by Raynor Winn about walking the south west coastal path. It’s a great book.


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