Phase 2 – the next 8 weeks….

The weather is still holding strong with only the occasional damp, mizzly day and we enjoyed the slight relaxing of the ‘rules’ by venturing a few miles in the car to enjoy our beautiful coastline and meet up with friends for socially distanced dog walks.

Our favourite go to place is the oft deserted second beach at Kennack Sands where Poppydog and her two pals (well not pals exactly as she is way too competitive to have any real doggy pals) Elsie and Eddie, who she happily ignores, can run about to their little hearts content….

We enjoyed a couple of late afternoon jaunts down to Kynance to catch a few moments before the madness of summer or Super Saturday arrives and we have to share this stunning cove with the rest of the world! In reality we don’t actually share Kynance, we just hand it over until September!!

On the home front, we actually cracked on and worked our way through the list (well most of it!), which involved decorating the chalet throughout, cleaning the caravan from top to toe and de-sanding the car leading us nicely into Phase 3….

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