Phase 1 – the first 7 weeks of Lockdown….

On the one hand everything feels quite surreal, unusually quiet with just the wonderful sounds of nature to keep us company – birds singing, cows mooing in the distance and the constant roar of the sea, mostly quite faintly in the back ground as we are 1.7 miles as the crow flies from the sea on the West Coast and 2 miles from the East Coast, but occasionally if the wind is up and the tide is high, the crashing of the waves is quite discernible!

On the other hand, for us this is almost business as usual and it is only when I watch the news that I get a real sense of what is going on (or not as is mostly the case) out there in the World.

During the first 7 weeks we stayed home, occupying ourselves wandering along the mostly traffic free lanes, enjoying the beauty of the emerging hedgerows and catching the odd glimpse of a fox or deer.

Taking the odd extended walk to breathe in the sea air along the cliffs above Pentreath and Kynance….

And along the grassy cliffs down into an eerily quiet Cadgwith….

A trip into Helston once a fortnight to get groceries was done via Poldhu….

Or Kennack Sands….

In between walks I have been reading, gaming (Witcher 3 for those in the know), sorting our vast collection of photos and pointedly ignoring the list of jobs I had so determinedly written on day 2 of our confinement, keeping us amused and out of harms way.

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