From Heacham to Hunstanton….

A grey day but a dry one so all is well again. We are headed back into Heacham today but I am not paying silly money to park the car again (£2 for 1 hour!), so we parked in the centre of the village by the duck pond and walked the mile or so down to the beach. To our left is South Beach….

And to our right is North Beach and the start of the promenade that will take us into Hunstanton.

The tide is high so we choose to walk along the promenade rather than along the soft sand and stony beach and actually quite enjoy looking at all the beach huts that line the promenade….

These beach huts sell for around £10k (£50k less than those beauties at Wells-next-the-sea!) – I think they are great but prefer mine with wheels!

Not sure yet how much beach there is at lower tides – we’ll see. How fab are these zigzagging groynes?

Soon the beach huts where replaced by bigger holiday properties and caravans as we arrived in Hunstanton. The beach is still a mix of sand and stones but the tide here comes in further.

We continued to walk along the front – the cafes and amusements are starting to come alive for the forthcoming season – you can’t help wandering whether this will be a short term effort? We walk as far as St Edmund’s Point saving Old Hunstanton for another day.

A very pleasant 7.5 mile walk and not a drop of rain!

A mizzog walk on Snettisham Beach….

A grey start quickly followed be some rather damp mizzle for – yes I’m afraid the rest of the day – it just snivelled by. Still we shall not allow a little damp stuff to stand in our way and set off for Heacham. Instead of exploring pastures new we opted for walking back along Snettisham Beach which was deserted so that Poppydog could have a good runabout.

And she’s gone….Then she’s back, a speck on the horizon….

We kept this up for an hour before giving in to the dampness and heading back to the warmth of home.

From Snettisham to Heacham….

Another fine day here in Norfolk – is spring on the way? Whatever, we are going to enjoy it anyway. Today we headed back to Shepherds Port and our sneaky parking spot, but this time we are walking northwards towards Hunstanton.

I’m afraid I just can’t resist a shot with marram grass in it!

The beach here is still mostly stony so lying on it might be a bit lumpy and sand castle building a no no and as the tide is high again I’m not sure what the swimming conditions would be like – time will tell.

For a couple of miles the beach is backed by the sand covered sea wall and behind that a large Nature Reserve with wetlands and marshlands. Fabulous dog walking country. As we walked along the dunes / sea wall which incidentally we pretty much had to ourselves, stretching in front of us is South Beach, Heacham.

Here the brisk breeze is being put to good use as a few kite surfers glide over the surf at a fair rate of knots!

The beach is empty and Poppydog has found a ball, so we pause a while, for me a sit in the sun to watch the kite surfing and for Poppydog….

Her own little game of fetch cum hide and seek – who knows? But if it keeps her quiet, entertained and running off some energy then it is good by me.

Now please don’t think me facetious but I believe we are self-isolating as best we can in these very strange times. Keep well and safe.

A wander along the beach at Shepherds Port….

A mostly sunny day, though it did cloud over late morning and then brighten up during the afternoon. Still a chilly breeze so the shorts are still on hold! Today we are off to find the nearest bit of beach and arrive down at a little place (mostly holiday parks and RSPB Reserve) called Shepherds Port. We sneakily parked in a still closed cafe car park as the main car park was chargeable and walked the half a mile or so to the beach.

The tide is pretty much in and the remaining beach of stony sand backed by dune covered sea wall seemed to stretch on forever north (above) and off around a bend to the south.

Around the bend as we walked southwards is a sheltered stone and sand bay before the beach is replaced by the mudflats and marshlands of The Wash.

Here we left the beach and continued along the coastal path which runs along the sea wall (all hidden under stony sand and marram grass) to look at the Nature Reserve behind us.

Heading back along the sea wall we soon come upon a row of shanty houses, some in a better state of repair than others.

Though still battened down for the winter, you can imagine that they are well loved during the summer – the sea just over the wall and Reserve Wetlands behind. The only downside I can see is that the beach is rather muddy once the tide starts to recede.

Hence Poppydog is lead bound, well that and the fact that we are on the edge of the RSPB Reserve and I always fear a ‘Fenton’ scenario!!

A lovely last shot as we head home…

Moving down to Norfolk and Sandringham….

A grey start to the day and just as we had finished packing up the inside of the van it started to rain, so I got somewhat damp finishing up and getting us on the road – nice! We are heading down the coast into Norfolk and though the journey was only 70 odd miles it was rather tedious and felt a lot longer. No matter we are now all settled in at Sandringham and very much looking forward to walking the Norfolk Coast.

When it eventually stopped raining at about 5, we set off out to explore our surroundings. Now as you know, I’m not keen on soggy and muddy dog so we followed the network of lanes that run through the Sandringham Estate.

With just birdsong for company and the odd rustling in the undergrowth we had a very pleasant stroll though I suspect that Poppydog would have preferred to be running free terrorising anything and everything that moved in the woodland!