From Heacham to Hunstanton….

A grey day but a dry one so all is well again. We are headed back into Heacham today but I am not paying silly money to park the car again (£2 for 1 hour!), so we parked in the centre of the village by the duck pond and walked the mile or so down to the beach. To our left is South Beach….

And to our right is North Beach and the start of the promenade that will take us into Hunstanton.

The tide is high so we choose to walk along the promenade rather than along the soft sand and stony beach and actually quite enjoy looking at all the beach huts that line the promenade….

These beach huts sell for around £10k (£50k less than those beauties at Wells-next-the-sea!) – I think they are great but prefer mine with wheels!

Not sure yet how much beach there is at lower tides – we’ll see. How fab are these zigzagging groynes?

Soon the beach huts where replaced by bigger holiday properties and caravans as we arrived in Hunstanton. The beach is still a mix of sand and stones but the tide here comes in further.

We continued to walk along the front – the cafes and amusements are starting to come alive for the forthcoming season – you can’t help wandering whether this will be a short term effort? We walk as far as St Edmund’s Point saving Old Hunstanton for another day.

A very pleasant 7.5 mile walk and not a drop of rain!

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