From Snettisham to Heacham….

Another fine day here in Norfolk – is spring on the way? Whatever, we are going to enjoy it anyway. Today we headed back to Shepherds Port and our sneaky parking spot, but this time we are walking northwards towards Hunstanton.

I’m afraid I just can’t resist a shot with marram grass in it!

The beach here is still mostly stony so lying on it might be a bit lumpy and sand castle building a no no and as the tide is high again I’m not sure what the swimming conditions would be like – time will tell.

For a couple of miles the beach is backed by the sand covered sea wall and behind that a large Nature Reserve with wetlands and marshlands. Fabulous dog walking country. As we walked along the dunes / sea wall which incidentally we pretty much had to ourselves, stretching in front of us is South Beach, Heacham.

Here the brisk breeze is being put to good use as a few kite surfers glide over the surf at a fair rate of knots!

The beach is empty and Poppydog has found a ball, so we pause a while, for me a sit in the sun to watch the kite surfing and for Poppydog….

Her own little game of fetch cum hide and seek – who knows? But if it keeps her quiet, entertained and running off some energy then it is good by me.

Now please don’t think me facetious but I believe we are self-isolating as best we can in these very strange times. Keep well and safe.

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