A walk along the beach to Skegness….

A grey day, chilly but dry though we have no plans to venture far. I am still trying to get caught up on this blog as I missed quite a lot of posts at the end of last years travels and beginning of this – I’d also be quite interested to know just how many beaches we have seen up to now? Will let you know when I do. So we opted for a walk along the promenade to Skegness and back along the beach (the tide is just turning).

Today the pier was open (it might be a weekend thing though it does appear that one by one things are opening up for the season ahead) so we wandered along it to get a look at the Central Beach above and North Shore below….

We made our way back along the beach, though Poppydog was stuck on her lead as there were plenty of others about and not enough beach to keep our distance. She can be such a menace if she thinks others are having more fun than her!

A fine afternoon walk, now back to work!

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