From Anderby Creek to Huttoft Car Terrace…..

A hideous night being both wet and wild led us straight into a hideous morning with more of the same. However, by lunchtime it had dried up, the wind had eased a bit and blue skies and sunshine took over – ideal. We made for Anderby Creek and parked up in the free car park just behind the sea bank (there is a seasonal gift shop and cafe here but not open yet) and made our way straight down onto the beach. I though it might be a bit busy as there were quite a few cars in the car park but as you can see ….

This section of the beach is called Moggs Eye, just north of Anderby Creek, with its own little car park. Along the back of the beach, works are underway to improve the sea defences (well I guess that’s what they are doing) but that didn’t detract from our enjoyment.

A short way further along the beach is Huttoft Bank….

And then finally we came to Huttoft Car Terrace, a section of the beach where parking is on the sea side of the sea bank, so great if you like sea watching without getting out of you car! Here there were a few more people about but not so as you would notice – plenty of beach for everyone. Here we decided to turn back as there are some serious looking grey clouds accumulating inland and blowing this way. A last look back at this fabulous stretch of remote beach through the dunes before dashing back to the car ahead of the rain.

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