Chapel St Leonard’s to Anderby Creek…..

We had a little bit of a lie in this morning, as when we awoke the gentle pitter patter of rain rain on the roof was not overly encouraging and then hang on a minute that looks distinctly like…..

At this we got up and out pretty sharpish and yes it is snowing! A cold brisk walk along the seafront in the snow – how magical? Sadly it didn’t last and at no point did it even remotely look like settling! That said we were left with a chilly but pretty sun shiny day.

Today we started our walk where we left off yesterday at Chapel Point and walking into the rather brisk and very cold wind headed north along yet another stretch of deserted beach.

This section of beach is Chapel six Marshes and unlike the sections from Seacroft to Chapel St Leonards is not backed by holiday parks! Just wild dune and marshland backs the beach here, so it feels lovely and remote. A quirky viewing structure (The Wind Tower) in the dunes marks the Chapel six Marshes beach.

There are a series of art installations along this stretch of coastline and we shall endeavour to locate them on our way. This one has a floor that tilts when you step inside which then puts you in position to view the beach and also attracts wind noise (to be fair I didn’t go in but am now curious and intend to visit tomorrow).

A mile or so further on we see our next structure – Round and Round.

The structure sits high on the sea bank and then an internal spiral staircase led up to a viewing platform with amazing 360 views forward to Anderby Creek…

Back towards Chapel Point….

And down across the beach….

We continued along the beach to Anderby Creek, just a few beach houses with stunning views.

And this rather unusual Cloud Bar ….

Not a ‘bar’ at all but a viewing platform for cloud gazing with a series of mirrors to help – genius!

What a surprisingly interesting walk along this seemingly remote and totally unspoilt bit of coast – we like. We rejoined the beach to head back the way we came and look forward to exploring the next section tomorrow.

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