Ingoldmells to Chapel St Leonard….

Cold but with plenty of sunshine about and only a spot or two of rain, so no complaints here. Today we are heading slightly north and after finding a scruffy little car park (free until 1st March and I certainly wouldn’t have paid for the privilege!) behind the dunes part way between Ingoldmells and Chapel St Leonards we joined the promenade. We walked south to Ingoldmells Point where we joined the deserted beach.

The sand is coarse and quite hard going under foot above the tide line, but still too wet where the sand is purer, so we’ll manage. We about turned at Ingoldmells and set off back towards Chapel Point.

The beach is quite deep here with a series of low dunes before reaching the promenade and behind that a mound of sea defences and then acres and acres of holiday parks. A bit of an eye opener to realise just how many people must holiday in these holiday parks – I wonder if the beaches all get busy or as I imagine just in clusters around the scattered beach bars? For today though there is just us and a few offshore wind turbines and we are definitely enjoying better weather!

A row of beach huts and the North Sea Observatory heralds our arrival at Chapel Point and the end of this 3 mile stretch of beach.

Time to turn back and complete this 6 mile walk if I can remember which cut through leads us to the car?

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