Walking along the beach from Seacroft to Gibraltar Point…..

A fair bit of sun around today and thankfully less wind, though it is still a tad chilly! Today we drove to the other side of Skegness (the town centre is definitely not worth a visit!) to the rather posh Seacroft. Consisting of some obscenely large houses and a rather surprisingly rough looking golf course running behind an area of low dunes (rather soggy at the moment) and a vast stretch of empty sand.

It really was empty, I guess because you have to walk a distance to get to it? We set off southwards away from Skegness and we’re soon lost in our own world with not a soul or man made structure (excepting the offshore wind farm) in sight – how fab?

Across the Wash we could just make out an outline of the Norfolk Coast and behind us just a limitless stretch of sand.

After a couple of miles, the beach opened up even further as we approached Gibraltar Point.

But unfortunately our progress was halted by a rather muddy stream running through the dunes just before reaching the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve and so instead of returning via the Nature Reserve we made our way back along the (still) deserted beach.

Luckily we just made it back to the car, completing a 7 mile round trip, just ahead of a serious rain and hail downpour!

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