Moving down across the Humber to Skegness….

Well thankfully the wind appears to have died down for a bit and the Humber Bridge is open to all vehicles again so after a damp pack up we are off. A bit of rain on the way but once we were in site of the bridge the sun came out and the rest of our journey across the Wolds was delightful. It was so glorious that I even considered getting my shorts out when we arrived – that is until I got out of the car when we arrived! Sunny it may be, warm it is not!

After setting up we were keen to get out onto the beach, only about 50 yards through the site to the promenade (though our view from the van is interrupted by the ‘Derbyshire Miner’s Convalescence Home’ looking somewhat forlorn and abandoned now which stands between us and the sea).

Walking along the promenade away from Skegness the beach was empty.

This section of the long sandy shore that runs from Cleethorpes in the north down to the Wash in the south is called Seathorne, being the seaside bit of Winthorpe an outer area of Skegness. Crossing the area of low dunes out to the sea, Poppydog was free to run and run…

For an hour and a half we just lost ourselves, enjoying the sunshine, the seemingly limitless empty beach and the crashing waves. For Poppydog there was the added excitement of ‘Seagull chasing’ – aah Poppydog Heaven….

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