Fraisthorpe Sands one of the few accessible sections of the miles of beach from Bridlington to Spurn Head….

Another windy and mostly grey day but we are staying a little closer to home today and made our way to Fraisthorpe Sands. A couple of miles down a single track sharply winding road sits a farm with a cafe extension and rough carpark beyond, just above the beach. The beach is quite narrow (though probably much wider at low tide) and part of the section that runs pretty much uninterrupted at low tide from Flamborough Head to Spurn Head. It is mostly sandy though there is a fair smattering of pebbles moving around continuously with the tides.

The beach was very busy heading north towards Bridlington so we opted to hop, skip and jump over the fast flowing brook and walk southwards.
For reasons unknown this section of the beach was deserted for the mile or so until our (my) way was blocked by another fast flowing and much wider brook.Still we enjoyed our solitude and Poppydog happily chased around after her tennis balls before a few tell tale spots of rain suggested that it might be time to head back.All along there is evidence of the low cliffs gradually falling on to the beach and being washed away.