A trip up ‘north’ to Whitby…

Today we are going on a journey, which takes us through the North York Moors to Whitby. A delightful town nestled along the banks of the River Esk and along the cliff tops high above Whitby Bay.

We parked up by Whitby Abbey whose majestic ruins can be seen from mikes around.

From here we had spectacular views down on to the town, the huge sweep of sandy beach and protective harbour walls.

We walked down the 199 steps (according to a sign – there were a lot and I didn’t feel the need to check the sign’s accuracy!) to this quaint and busy little town, with it’s quirky narrow streets, buzzing with shops, cafes and galleries – a great place for a mooch if you didn’t have a crowd hating hound in tow! The first beach we came to was the harbour beach tucked between the harbour walls and on the river’s edge.

Across the river we joined the main beach, which looks as though it is probably non existent at high tide but for us now it is plenty.

As there were plenty of others walking along the beach, I decided that Poppydog had best stay on the lead, but she still has plenty of freedom to run around and around and around….

As we leave the town and the promenade ends, the beach continues as Upgang Beach now backed by highish cliffs topped by a golf course and farmland for a mile or so.

In the distance at the end of the beach is the small village of Sandsend but we have walked far enough and have 199 steps waiting for us, so we shall visit Sandsend another day.

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