A bit of a scramble to see Gristhorpe Sands….

A grey and cold start to the day, though it did remain cold the sun and blue skies made an appearance in the afternoon. We set off today to find Gristhorpe Sands, overlooked by a series of holiday parks we ended up parking down in the village a good mile or so away. A pleasant enough walk back up through the lanes to the cliff tops and then a meander through one of the parks to gain access to the coastal path.

Down below us a a part rocky and part sandy beach with Scarborough sparkling white in the distance.

We couldn’t find any obvious way down to the beach and the ground looks very wet and unstable with clear evidence of earlier land slips, so we decided to air on the side of caution and just content ourselves with a walk along the coastal path, before cutting back through a different holiday park to make our way back down to the car.

You do wonder if when the holiday parks are in peak season how many people make their way down to the beach or do they just hop in their cars and head to Cayton or Scarborough?

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