A sunny afternoon on Scarborough North Beach….

A much nicer day today, still cold but with plenty of blue skies for us to enjoy. Today we are heading back to Scarborough but this time to explore the North Beach.

The castle ruins are perched up on The Holms Headland that separates North from South and would, in days gone by, have been able to keep an eye on the whole town. North Beach is a wide expanse of low tide sand (there is little evidence to show that any beach would be left at high tide.

We walked along the beach, admiring the fine row of colourful beach huts towards the far end.

At the far end of the beach at the little village of Scalby Mills we took the footbridge across Scalby Beck and took the coastal path up The Nab.

It was pretty exposed and windy up on the Nab, but we persevered up and over to take a look at Scalby Ness Sands, a pair of crescent shaped sandy bays a little further along.

Access to the beach looked to be a bit of a scramble with no clear obvious pathway, so again we decided against it and contented ourselves with a blast along the coastal path until eventually the wind beat us to submission and we retreated the way we came.

Walking back in part along the promenade we came across this sculpture of Freddy Gilroy, a local man who fought during the second WW and is commemorated here as a reminder to all of those who fought and didn’t make it back and those who died and the few who survived time in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp, the liberation and subsequent ‘clear up’ of which Freddy was tasked. Here’s to ‘Freddy Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers’….

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