A mostly car safari from Withernsea to Spurn Head….

A fine day and we are off on a bit of a trek today – not wishing to make this long journey more than once we have decided on a long day. We decide to go to the furthest point first – Spurn Head, however no dogs are allowed onto this Nature Reserve so we make do with a visit to Kilnsea the furthest village before the Reserve.

Looking at an enlarged version of the above photo shows the devastation caused by erosion…

From here, looking south towards Spurn Head…

On the other side of this narrow strip of land is the start of the vast Kilnsea Clays marshlands.Next stop Easington where again the road has met with a sticky end…

This village is dominated by a huge Gas Terminal but we managed to ignore it and keep it out of shot!

The tide is getting quite high as we arrive in Withernsea which is a bit more built up and to be fair quite run down compared to neighbouring Hornsea. In the centre is a mock castle gateway leading down to the beach.

Just a relatively narrow strip remains, enough for Poppydog to have a bit of a run around.

For some random reason the Lighthouse is tucked away in the middle of a busy residential area but we managed to find it as it mostly towered above the surrounding houses.

After a reasonable walk around here, we continue our journey north, calling in at Aldbrough and driving down to look over the edge of their list sea road….

Our final stop is Mappleton, as the sun is beginning to go down across the fields.

Here at least a small car park remains with easy access down on to what little remains of the beach at high tide.

The beach is quite rough and stony but good enough for a final fling for the day for Poppydog.

A bit of a whirlwind tour and a pity we couldn’t get down onto Spurn Head but we have covered some ground today. To be honest, non of the beaches we have seen today, whether accessible or not, have made us regret not being able to spend more time on them!

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