From Fraisthorpe to Bridlington….

Cold and windy is the best way to describe today, but we were blessed with a little late afternoon sunshine. Today we head south of Bridlington to Fraisthorpe Sands. The village of Fraisthorpe lies in land by a mile or so but a long and twisty mostly single track lane takes you from the village to a rough low cliff top car park just beyond a working farm that also operates a cafe. The car park looks as though it is manned and charged during busy times but for now it has a donation box. The car park was quite busy but there was plenty of beach to go around.

We set off walking northwards towards Bridlington a couple of miles off. The sand is quite coarse and I wouldn’t describe it as particularly attractive but it is understandably quite popular with dog walkers.

We are not aiming for a long walk today, as it is cold and very windy, so we turned about as we arrived at the outskirts of Bridlington and South Sands, planning to visit them another day.

This stretch of coastline, from Bridlington to Spurn Head has suffered over many years from coastal erosion, with many small villages having been lost to the sea during the 18th & 19th Centuries. One such village being St Auburn, once on the seaward side of the car park, with only the farm still remaining.

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