From Reighton Gap to Filey along the beach….

A mostly grey day, cold but dry and gradually cheering up towards the end of the afternoon. Today we are going to walk along Filey Bay (or most of it!) a lovely 6 mile stretch of sand set in a large crescent with Filey towards the north end. We parked up at Reighton Gap and found the footpath down to the beach.It was a little eroded and muddy towards the end but certainly doable. We took a quick stroll around to our right to take a look at Speeton Sands, though we intend to come back and walk those another day.

The first stretch of this bay is quite remote with just the odd holiday park scattered along the tops. We continued our walk along this nice firm sand, northwards towards Filey. Reighton Sands leads into Humanby Sands…

Then Muston Sands….

Before we arrive at the rather genteel resort of Filey. Most of the town lies high above the beach with just a few properties, cafes and beach huts behind the promenade.

At the far end of Filey (not a big place) at low tide you can follow the sand right round to Filey Brigg a natural rocky outcrop stretching out across the bay, unfortunately though, today the tide was not on our side.

On the promenade is this fabulous 12ft sculpture ‘High Tide in Short Wellies’ which was donated to the town by a local woman, as a reminder of all the local fishermen not current and past.

A very pleasant walk and some low sunshine to accompany us on our way back.

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