A walk around Flamborough Head….

A grey and windy day that did improve with age, well at least the greyness gave way to blue skies. We parked up at Flamborough Head wandering around to get a closer look at the Lighthouse.

Before taking the coastal path northwards to Selwicks Bay a pretty sandy cove sitting beneath towering chalky cliffs.

From above we are able to get a good look at the natural arch at the end of the bay and across the cliffs to Flamborough Head.A bit further along we came across North Landing another sandy bay.

And finally Thornwick Bay, today’s destination.

We head down onto this bay for a bit of a play and some respite from the wind that has been bullying us all the way along.

As the tide is receding it is apparent that this is quite a sandy bay with plenty of smooth white pebbles reminding us if the chalky cliffs behind.

To get out of the wind a bit we have decide to walk back along the lanes, inland from the exposed cliffs. This takes us through the village of Flamborough and past the original Lighthouse.

A wild but interesting 7.5 mile walk.

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