Moving back to the coast at Bridlington….

Fortunately the wind has let up a little and though we did get a bit damp packing up the sun came out as we were driving out towards the coast. A straightforward journey has us setting up in Bridlington by early afternoon.

Off to explore we made our way out to the coastal path, where it runs along the cliff tops from Bridlington, which we could see to our South.

We headed north and after a mile or so could see the mud tide sands of Danes Dyke below us.

With the now chalky cliffs continuing on to Flamborough Head in the distance. We followed the path down to the beach for me to get a good lungful of sea air and Poppydog to have a run around (restricted as there were other dogs playing on the beach) and splash about in the shallows.

As she is quite a vocal hound, I’m sure that she too was expressing her delight at being back by the sea – it has been just over a month – too long!

To make this a circular route we wandered back up along the woodland path to the main road, where the site is just a short walk. The woodland was littered with little clumps of snowdrops – a lovely sign of things to come…

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