Moving on to Ashwell, last stop this year….

Another wet night, but thankfully mostly dry day as we de-camped and set off down the A1 to our final destination this year – Ashwell a little village just north of Baldock in Hertfordshire. The journey was just shy of 100 miles, but quite eventless as we followed the A1 all the way. A bit busier being a working day but we are happy to trundle along with all the lorries at about 55 mph. Within a couple of hours we arrived and were soon set up on this cozy quiet little site.

In due course we set off for a walk to explore our surroundings and though there are plenty of footpaths around through the surrounding countryside we decided to wander around the village instead. What a pretty village it is…

It looks like it is essential to own a Chelsea Tractor if you live here – who knew?

We spent the next couple of days packing up and settling down the caravan for it’s winter sojourn as we shall be leaving it here until mid January.

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