A trip into Lincoln….

A grey but at least dry day as we set off for a mooch around Lincoln. Already a city a know fairly well, though as with Newark it is from more than 25 years ago. We parked up on the outskirts which has all changed quite dramatically with a lot of new build and continued construction work. Around the river (looking pretty full to the brim) new buildings have sprung up, mostly seeming to belong to the much expanded University. We walked along the riverside into the older centre of the city.

This is more like it….

The High Street looks much the same, undoubtedly a number of different shops but in essence thriving and busy.

The High Street shops turn into Antique Shops, art galleries and little Artisan boutiques and Deli’s as we climb up towards the Cathedral.

Up at the top we ever left to take a look at the castle, which from memory has seen quite a bit of restorative work in the intervening years and looks to be as popular as ever, though not dog friendly so we couldn’t take a closer look.

Over to the right the front of the Cathedral is currently undergoing significant works so wandered around to the back to properly enjoy the peaceful beauty of this magnificent building.

For a while we wandered around the ‘old’ town enjoying the history and feel of the place, the quirky lines of old buildings and again wonder how today’s architecture will ever stand the test of time?

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