A walk along the riverside towards Middlesbrough….

Our last day before travelling inland and gradually making our way home for Christmas – where has this year gone? The sun is shining as we make our way past the White Water Park.

We stop for awhile to watch the canoeists tackling these artificial rapids – it all looks good fun but I’m guessing still rather cold (also the water doesn’t look a very attractive colour!), so perhaps we’ll give it a miss.

We continue our walk heading eastwards this time towards the sea. It is not a particularly attractive walk as mostly the river is backed by industrial units of some kind or other and as seems to be the way with internal waterways, litter strewn, badly overgrown footpaths. Still the sun is shining and the city noise is reduced to a distant hum and we can hear birdsong as we walk. After a couple of miles we reach the rather ornate transporter bridge where the middle section raises up to allow tall boats to pass through. One of the 7 or 8 different bridges the city is famous for.

We walked back along the opposite side of the river for a bit of a change, this is a little more attractive as it is mostly backed by Nature Reserve, though at this time of year lacking any colour. A pleasant enough 7 mile walk – now back to tidy and pack.

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