Skinningrove and it’s secret beach….

Wet overnight and into the morning but drying up by late morning leaving us with a grey and threatening sky, which fortunately again held off until we were safely back in the car. Today we drove to Skinningrove, a smallish village tucked into a valley. Lots of small terraced houses hemmed in by the steep valley walls leading down to a stony sea front and river outlet protected by break waters.

The tide was quite high though you can see that the bay would be quite sandy when the tide is out and a restored fisherman’s cobble sits on the front with it’s two carved fishermen looking out to sea.

It is very grey but it does feel that even in the height of summer this little place will be less than cheery! On the north side of the village there was a large gap in what was formerly a raised track for transporting ironstone down to the harbour.

And beyond this gap? Well Skinningrove’s secret beach of course – Cattersby Sands.

A surprisingly long sandy bay backed by crumbling cliffs, very evident of recent land slip.

Probably not the most attractive beach but a nice stretch of sandy nonetheless.

After a good runaround for Poppydog we walked back through the gap to see that there is a smallish sandy beach appearing within the harbour walls, though looking a little muddy due to the presence of a fast flowing stream.

The village looked a bit run down but maybe in the sunshine a nice little place to holiday?

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