From Redcar to the delightful Marske-by-the-Sea….

A very wet night and still quite miserable for our morning walk but the rain kindly stayed in the sky until we were safely on our way back in the car after our main walk and on the way home. Today we parked up along the seafront at Redcar, the town itself is sprinkled with amusement arcades but probably best known for its racecourse (which we didn’t see). The beach a long sandy section of the same beach we walked yesterday, though here it is sectioned by wooden groynes. Looking southwards towards Huntscliffs.

And northwards towards the windfarm off Coatham Sands.

We walked along the Promenade until we could join the beach just at the end of the groynes where the dunes began, this section of the beach is called The Stray, Redcar.

The beach here was pretty deserted so Poppydog could run free.

Another stretch along this wonderful beach and we arrived at this lovely little village – Marske-by-the-sea.

How pretty? With it’s line of small tractors, presumably to tow craft out to the sea?

Though why they can’t share one – I can only guess?

A bit further along the beach was our turning point as in the distance lies Saltburn-by-the-sea and we shall explore there another day. The sun that has only latterly appeared is fast dropping as we head back with this fab view of Marske Sands.

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