A beautiful day and a beautiful beach…..

Well it is still blowing a hooley out there and decidedly chilly but otherwise a stunning sun shiny day. Having at long last written last Saturdays blog, I realised that we only dipped briefly onto Warkworth Beach and even then with visibility quite poor, so we are off to see it again in the sunshine and wow….

It did not disappoint and in fact was much nicer than we imagined, looking to the north towards Alnmouth…..

And the south towards Amble….

The tide is almost fully in but we managed to walk along the edge of the wet sand (dodging the odd wave) as the soft sand, though lovely, powdery and white, makes for tough walking! Part way along the beach someone has been creative with a branch and stood it upright in the soft sand (not sure how long that will last in these winds!).

At the Amble end of the beach, the beach ends abruptly with a large boulder breakwater, serving to protect the harbour and entrance to the river Coquet and hidden on the other side, this little windswept beach….

There is no access from here to Amble without walking the mile or so into Warkworth to cross the river and then back on the other side of the river so we turned back to take a leisurely stroll back to the other end of the beach.

Well when I say leisurely stroll, 5 miles in total, I did but Poppydog as ever is a 90 miles an hour girl!

From Druridge Country Park to Cresswell….

Not quite such a nice day today but dry with a little bit of blue sky here and there. Today we set off for Druridge Country Park, not wanting to pay car park fees we parked up in a little place called Red Row and walked the mile or so through the park to the beach.

There were less people around today so Poppydog got her freedom pass as soon as we arrived on the beach and was gone!!

Apart from a couple of streams forcing us (well me actually) off the beach briefly to find a bridge to get across it was beach walking all the way.

Even the sun came out to join us for awhile …

As we got towards the end of Druridge Bay which ends at Cresswell, we decided to leave the last bit for another day.

And with a last look back along this beautiful beach we took the coastal path route back to the Country Park and completed this 8.5 mile walk back to the car.

From Beacon Hill to Druridge Country Park…..

Wet and wild overnight and very wet for our morning walk but then it all blew over and we enjoyed a lovely sunny albeit breezy afternoon. We parked up at Beacon Hill (neither a beacon or a hill but a high dune) and walked up to the viewing point to take a look down on Amble Links….

However, today we are turning right and walking southwards towards and along Druridge Bay. Firstly though we joined the beach just below Beacon Hill and enjoyed the peace and solitude of the little strip of high tide sand on Hauxley Haven….

With Coquet Island and its Lighthouse a feature of the bay…

Around the corner and wow the 7 miles of sandy beach that is Druridge Bay stretches out before us….

Backed by low dunes and nature reserves this first stretch is known as Tugston Links….

Then comes a long stretch with higher dunes and backed by Druridge Country Park – Hadston Links….

As we approached the Druridge Country Park main Visitor Centre (about half way along this magnificent beach), we decided to turn back and make our return journey behind the dunes along the coastal path. Taking a last look down on Hauxley Haven before completing this 6 mile walk back at the car.

From Alnmouth to Warkworth Beach…..

Wet over night but dry grey and blustery for most of the day. Again we parked up on the outskirts of Alnmouth on the coastal road looking over the inlet of the river Aln.

This time though we had to head inland a bit to cross the river.

And walk for a mile or so before we could head back down over the dunes to Buston Links beach the other half (south) of Alnmouyh Bay and what a beauty – looking north back towards Alnmouth….

And south towards Amble….

I guess mainly because of its remoteness (though if you were in the know there were a couple of car parks hhidden amongst the dunes) and the fact that the coastal path actually runs behind the dunes following the main road a good half a mile or so above the beach it was deserted….

By the time we had walked the full length of the beach, the weather had started to deteriorate a bit and we were joined by a bit of damp mizzle with visibability gradually worsening. At the end of the beach we clambered over the rocky outcrop of Birling Carrs onto Warkworth Beach….

A slightly stonier (there were no stones on Buston Links beach!) but mainly sandy beach heading off into the distance…

This however was our turning point and we took a footpath across Warkworth Golf Course to take the coastal path back into Alnmouth.

A pretty largish village, well served with pubs (I counted 4 in quite quick succession on the main street), a few shops and other eateries.

A very pleasant 8 mile walk.

From Alnmouth to Seaton Point…..

A rough old night (mindyou we slept well after all that sea air!) and a pretty miserable morning so a shortish walk for us first thing. Still by midday the rain had cleared through and though still looking quite dodgy we set off for Almouth. Finding roadside parking down by the river Aln, we walked across the dunes to the mouth of the bay.

Here the sands stretched out in front of us, pretty much as far as the eye could see.

With even more sand on the other side of the river, though they shall have to wait another day.

The beach wasn’t as deserted as it looks but with the aid of the thrower and a couple of balls we made our way along the mile of sand (northwards) to Marden Rocks. Here Poppydog completely abandoned the balls in favour of chasing seabirds until we rounded the corner onto Seaton Sands.

This beach was much quieter as we ventured towards Seaton Point where we left off the day before yesterday. We turned about at this point and made our way back along to Alnmouth, a pretty village nestled behind the beach.

Now that it is time to make our way back the sky starts to clear!!

A short 4.5 mile, but very pleasant walk.