A last walk along the Eve Black walk to South Beach, Blyth….

Still grey but at least it is dry today and we even got to see the sunshine later on in the afternoon. As usual the day before travelling we often end up walking a familiar route, doing a bit of pre-travel packing up, a bit of shopping and refuelling. After our chores were done (Poppydog really does not make a great deal of effort!), we set off to walk along the Eve Black walk (the section of the coastal path that runs through the dunes behind Seaton Sluice Beach, between Seaton Sluice and Blyth). We decided to walk along the path as the tide is high and the beach busy and heavy going in the soft sand. We joined the beach at the nice quiet end of South Beach, Blyth where Poppydog could enjoy a lovely roundabout.

The sea a wonderful calm between the twin piers.

The sun is low by now but at least it is making an effort as we enjoy our last day in this area and a lovely 6.5 mile walk.

I have been feeling a bit glum this week at the thought of heading inland next week as I start to make my way homewards so I’ve changed my mind and am going to hug the coast for a little bit longer! This makes me happy.

Off to walk a bit of Hadrian’s Wall…

Not a very lovely day for it, but we’ve been promising ourselves for ages that we would find a bit if Hadrian’s Wall to walk along. After a probably fairly unnecessary long journey we happened upon the National Trust Homesteads site just north of Bardon Mill – miles from anywhere actually, but as is often the case, I’ve only done some half cocked research and not used the Sat Nav – so here we are…

So this is the bit that we could actually walk along, mostly the footpath runs along the remnants of the actually wall. We did get to see it disappearing both off to the east….

And to the west….

Frankly it was too miserable to walk far and to be honest I was a bit disappointed having expected something like the Great Wall of China, though I can appreciate the massive achievement of its time. So instead we wandered around the Homesteads ruins for a bit.

Now we are both pretty damp and cold, I didn’t feel like prolonging the agony by stopping for a cup of tea and a bun, so we set off on our long journey back home.

Not our best day out but hey another thing checked off the imaginary ‘Bucket List’.

Seaburn and it’s lovely sandy beaches…..

A lovely clear sunny day for us to explore south of the Tyne. A bit of a drive down to our most southerly destination from this site to a suburb of Sunderland called Hendon. Just beyond the expansive Sunderland docks a strip of rather greyish sand located down some back alley accessed through a rather rundown industrial estate. Not the ideal spot for a summer holiday, though appearing popular with anglers and ‘kids’ with nothing better to do than ride up and down the half a mile or so of concrete promenade on their (or indeed someone else’s -it was that kind of place!) motorbikes.

Needless to say we didn’t stop long and at no point did we go out of eyeshot of the car! Back across Sunderland Docks to the much more desirable Seaburn seaside village. Our first stop was the pretty inner Roker Harbour Beach, wonderfully sheltered by two long sea walls and I would imagine good for swimming.

We wandered out along one of the sea walls to get a closer look at Roker Lighthouse.

Continuing north beyond the sea walls are not the ever increasing (as the tide is dropping) sandy Roker Beach.

Backed by a promenade and a series of bars and restaurants – quite the place to be on a warm summers evening.

At the end of the beach we climbed up onto the headland of Parson’s Rock (a rocky outcrop separating the two main beaches) taking a moment to look at Seaburn Lighthouse.

Before wandering down onto Seaburn Sands or Whitburn Sands (it seems to be called either depending on what map you are looking at) another lovely stretch of low tide sand.

Both beaches look to have a strip of soft dry sand above the high tide mark.

A riverside walk in Newcastle….

Another grey but dry day for us. Today we are off to find the east coast end of Hadrian’s Wall. Last year we found the western end in Bowness-on-Solway hidden down a little pathway – not the actual wall just its location – still quite stunning.

This end was easier to find but somehow not that impressive as it has been rebuilt and doesn’t sit on the bank of the river or coast as I would have expected. Still here it is…

We then drove to Riverside Park and wandered down through the park to the river.

Enjoying a peaceful mile or so until the riverbank became ‘developed’.

Rather a stunning glass theatre graces the opposite shore.

We wandered around a bit to find the castle which really wasn’t that impressive.

And yeh well that kind of sums up Newcastle – I for one was expecting more!

Across the Tyne to South Shields….

A grey but dry day so we are off across the Tyne to see what South Shields has to offer. After finding free parking behind the long park that backs onto the beach, we cut through and wow a pretty impressive expanse of sand awaited us on Sandhaven.

Volley courts and all, the beach is backed by a wide promenade, gardens and parkland with a few beach bars and cafes along the way. Walking south away from the town we soon entered The Leas a National Trust section of coastline, with good views back along Sandhaven.

Next we came upon the wild Frenchman’s Bay which clearly takes a battering from the sea and is no longer the popular sandy cove it used to be.

Much of this section has seen detours of the coastal path as the edges crumble away into the sea, but it’s ruggedness added to its charm for us. Soon we were looking down on another rugged bay – Marsden Bay.

A bit more popular as the road runs near by with parking up top. A rather unique lift serves the bistro down below.

Back up on the cliff tops we press on to our destination – Souter Lighthouse at Lizard Point (clearly not the Lizard Point but hey!).

Here we stopped for a well earned cup of tea before returning to Sandhaven and continuing along the promenade to Little Haven.

A lovely sheltered sand beach, nestled -behind the Tynemouth Harbour Walls – I would imagine it to be hideously crowded on a nice day in summer but for now, just as the sun is setting it is quite lovely.