Seaton Carew to North Gare….

Another chilly and breezy day, but the sun is shining so all is good. We are heading back to Seaton Carew again today, but after parking the car we head southwards away from the town. Here there is a large Nature Reserve running along the back of the beach of dunes giving way to marshland further inland. We stick with the dunes and beach, not wanting to disturb the bird life – well seagulls are fair game – right? Looking back at Seaton Carew….

The beach narrows as the low dunes take over and as there is no one about, Poppydog has a ball running along the beach and through the dunes.

At the end of the beach we clamber over the dunes and breakwater (protecting the river Tee) to reach North Gare Sands which lie on the Tee estuary.

It is not a very appealing beach, the shallows are a bit on the muddy side and the Power Station dominates so we don’t linger and return to enjoy the peace of Seaton Sands instead.

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