From Beacon Hill to Druridge Country Park…..

Wet and wild overnight and very wet for our morning walk but then it all blew over and we enjoyed a lovely sunny albeit breezy afternoon. We parked up at Beacon Hill (neither a beacon or a hill but a high dune) and walked up to the viewing point to take a look down on Amble Links….

However, today we are turning right and walking southwards towards and along Druridge Bay. Firstly though we joined the beach just below Beacon Hill and enjoyed the peace and solitude of the little strip of high tide sand on Hauxley Haven….

With Coquet Island and its Lighthouse a feature of the bay…

Around the corner and wow the 7 miles of sandy beach that is Druridge Bay stretches out before us….

Backed by low dunes and nature reserves this first stretch is known as Tugston Links….

Then comes a long stretch with higher dunes and backed by Druridge Country Park – Hadston Links….

As we approached the Druridge Country Park main Visitor Centre (about half way along this magnificent beach), we decided to turn back and make our return journey behind the dunes along the coastal path. Taking a last look down on Hauxley Haven before completing this 6 mile walk back at the car.

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