From Warkworth to Amble….

A pretty grey day but at least it was dry. Today we set off on a bit of a hike to Warkworth, parking up on the outskirts of this pretty town, dominated by the castle perched up on some high ground in the middle.

Instead of heading down to the beach we are crossing the river and following the river path down to Amble. With its funky houses dominating the harbour (I’m sure it has featured in some drama on TV recently – Vera – I think) and marina, the rest of the town was a bit of a let down.

Still we wandered around the marina to the sheltered South Jetty Beach with its row of freshly painted beach huts.

Beyond the harbour walls and Lighthouse and around the headland is the small part sandy cove of Amble Links – here Poppydog was able to have a good runaround.

With views out to Coquet Island, on a nicer day, we could linger here.Further still around the headland lie the two part sandy beaches of High and Low Hauxley, both quite rugged but suitably remote.

Time for Poppydog to have a bit more of a run around before we make our way back.

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